Electric breast pump reviews: which one is best?

Best electric breast pump reviews

Electric breast pumps are a useful device for mothers who are breastfeeding. For mothers who work, go to school, or who require spending some time away from home, these can be especially useful in continuing to provide milk for their children. Systems vary in ease of use and portability; there are some models that can be used on both breasts simultaneously […]

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Best changing bags: our favourites

Baby changing bags

Changing bags are a must have accessory for parents of young children. These bags can still be stylish along with features that cater to different preferences and needs. A changing bag can come in many different sizes depending on the need of the child. A clutch changing bag, for  instance, works perfectly for toddlers who only require a small amount of supplies, whereas a larger […]

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BabyBjorn carrier reviews: the models compared

Out of BabyBjorn’s ever expanding range, their baby carriers are probably the most well known and familiar products. The current range consists of 4 models that include basic front carriers, front carriers with extra support and also front & back carriers. As with all BabyBjorn products such as their baby bouncer and travel cot, their carriers are well designed, have thoughtful features and are made […]

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Best travel cot reviews: The Top 6 best sellers

Whether you are travelling, visiting friends & relatives or having young guests, travel cots are one of those essential baby equipment items. Compared to some other baby products, they are also relatively inexpensive and can be purchased for less than £40. As with most things though when it comes to baby equipment, the choice of travel cots is not straightforward. Baby travel […]

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Best baby bouncers: 2017 buying guide

Baby bouncers have been one of the most popular baby items for a very long time: they are great for keeping children entertained, allowing them to build strength, and some even feature educational toys on them. For parents looking to buy a new baby bouncer it is important to look over the different types of bouncers available to help decide which […]

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Manduca baby carrier review: is it the right one for you?

Good points: Very adaptable as your child grows. Ergonomic and comfortable to use. Nice adjustable backrest feature. Some use of organic materials Not so good: No forward facing option. Can be difficult to put on (adjusting straps) and take off (safety belt clip) Our verdict: The Manduca is a competitively priced, quality 3-in-1 baby carrier. The 4-way Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier One offers […]

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