BabyBjorn carrier reviews: the models compared

BabyBjorn baby barrierOut of BabyBjorn’s ever expanding range, their baby carriers are probably the most well known and familiar products. The current range consists of 4 models that include basic front carriers, front carriers with extra support and also front & back carriers.

As with all BabyBjorn products such as their baby bouncer and travel cot, their carriers are well designed, have thoughtful features and are made to a high quality standard. However, this is also reflected in the price and BabyBjorn carriers generally cost more than similar products.

Each model has subtle differences and varying functionality so check out our Baby Bjorn carrier reviews below to find the best one for you.


BabyBjorn baby carrier comparison

Baby carrier modelOriginalMiracleWeOne
ImageBabyBjorn carrier Original_TBBabyBjorn carrier MiracleBabyBjorn carrier WeBabyBjorn carrier One
Age rangeFrom birth0-15 months0-3 years0-3 years
Weight range3.5-11 kg3.5 -12 kg3.5 - 15 kg3.5 - 15 kg
Waist beltNoYesYesYes
Back carryingNoNoYesYes
Front forward facingYesYesNoYes
Latest price


What to look for when buying a baby carrier

When deciding on a baby carrier, there are some key things you need to consider:

Age range

Most baby carriers can be used from birth but for front-only carriers you are looking at a maximum age range of around 15-18 months. If you go for a front & back carrier you can usually extend this age range to 3 years.

Back carrying

As your child gets older (and heavier) its great to be able to use a baby carrier as a back carrier. The BabyBjorn We and One carriers are also back carriers and you can (relatively) easily swap between front and back positions with your child still in the carrier.

Waist belt

A waist belt is useful for using the carrier with older children or if you intend to use the carrier for longer periods of time. The waist belt helps to transfer your child’s weight onto your hips rather then pulling on your shoulders. Carriers with waist belts are a bit more bulky. All of the BabyBjorn carriers except the Original have a waist belt.

Front forward facing

At around 5 months old your baby is able to support their own head weight and at this point you can place them in a forward facing front carrier. Apart from the We, the rest of the current BabyBjorn range has a forward facing option.


BabyBjorn Baby Carrier Original

BabyBjorn carrier OriginalThe Original is the most basic and perhaps most famous of the BabyBjorn carrier range. Its also the cheapest costing around £50-£65 (although not cheap for a baby carrier) and one of the best selling front baby carriers. The Baby Bjorn Original carrier can be used from newborn and has a maximum baby weight of 11kg. Its relatively easy to use this carrier on your own as the front can be detached at on side, so once you are wearing the carrier, your baby can be easily picked up and placed into the carrier.

When your baby is asleep they can be removed from the carrier simply by unclipping the the side buckle fasteners to allow you to lift your baby straight out without disturbing them. The Original is a basic carrier and cannot be used as a back carrier and because it does not have a waist belt, it can get tiring when using for long periods of time when babies are older and heavier.

The positioning on this carrier is very good and allows you to be very close to your baby’s head. Once your baby is 5 months old and able to support their own head weight, the Original carrier can also be used as a forward facing front carrier, with a front section that folds down to allow your baby to see out.

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BabyBjorn Baby Carrier Miracle

BabyBjorn carrier MiracleThe Miracle is a bigger version of the Original carrier that allows you to carry your baby for longer periods of time due to wider back straps and the addition of a waist band to transfer your child’s weight onto your hips.

The Baby Bjorn Miracle carrier can be used from birth to around 15 months or 12kg (which is 1kg more than the Original). This model has the same easy to put in & take out features as the Original and can also be used in the forward facing front position.

Prices are typically around £25 more than the Original but could be worth the investment if your intend to use your carrier for more than just occasional use.

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BabyBjorn Baby Carrier We

BabyBjorn carrier WeThe We is very similar to the Miracle in terms of straps, waist band and its general ease-of-use. Prices are also comparable. The We can be used as both a front and back carrier but cannot be used in the front forward facing position.

Another key difference versus the Miracle is that the We carrier can be used to carry children up to 3 years or 15kg, which is 3kg heavier than the Miracle.

A great feature of the We is the ability to switch between front and rear carrying without having to remove your child from the carrier. This does take some practise though and might be difficult for some users when your child gets older and heavier.

The We carrier also folds up very neatly so can be packed away easy into luggage or a (large) changing bag.

An alternative to the We is the Manduca baby carrier which offers similar functionality for around the same price. Click here to read our Manduca review.

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BabyBjorn Baby Carrier One

Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier OneThe One is BabyBjorn’s top-of-the-range baby carrier and retails for around £110-£120.

Design and feature-wise it’s almost identical to the We carrier but the One has the option of front forward facing making it a true 3-in-1 carrier. Plus, it is also available in a wider choice of cotton or mesh colours.

Although pricey, the Baby Bjorn carrier One is still one of the best selling back carriers available.

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BabyBjorn baby carrier accessories

BabyBjorn carrier coverMost BabyBjorn carriers have optional accessories available. One of the more useful ones is the carrier cover that sits over the outside of the carrier. It will not withstand harsh weather but is water repellent and offers some wind resistance. The cover can be used on all carriers and expect to pay around £25-£35.

Bibs are also available and these not only provide a softer surface for your baby but also help protect your BabyBjorn carrier. A bib is available just for the One carrier and another, slightly cheaper (but with 2 bibs) version for the Original and Miracle carriers. There is no bib for the We as this is not forward facing. Both bibs can be machine washed up to 60degC. Prices are around £8 to £12 each.

A set of two teething pads are also available. These attach onto the front straps but are only available for the We and One carriers. price is again around £12.

Buying all these accessories can increase the total purchase price of your BabyBjorn carrier by up to £50 but they are practical accessories that can prolong the life and appearance of your carrier. It is also worth noting that good condition BabyBjorn carriers can be resold for high prices second hand.