Best pushchair: 2018 Buying guide

Graco Mirage+ PushchairPushchairs are pretty much on every parents “to buy” list but with so many options, carefully consideration must be made so you find the best one for you. A push chair, also called a buggy or stroller, can range in sizes from tough & durable models to more lightweight versions. As you browse the selection of pushchairs, keep in mind what needs your family has and what sort of features you might be interested.

Some buggies can also be used with car seats, or without as the child ages. There are a variety of pushchairs available with different costs and features; for example, parents who enjoy being out often may want to consider more weather protection when selecting their pushchairs. Other options may be a buggy that folds very easily and can be transported without much effort.

Below you will find comparisons and reviews of the best strollers and pushchairs.


Best pushchairs compared


ImageMake & ModelWeight kgRatingRRP £
Babyway Caspian StrollerBabyway Caspian94.476
Graco Mirage+ PushchairGraco Mirage+74.4110
Zeta Vooom StrollerZeta Vooom Stroller74.5100
Chicco Echo StrollerChicco Echo Stroller84.2100
Maclaren Quest BuggyMaclaren Quest Buggy63.6270
Maclaren Techno XT BuggyMaclaren Techno XT Buggy74.6255
Joie Nitro StrollerJoie Nitro Stroller84.770


What to look for in a baby pushchair

Purchasing a pushchair is a difficult decision to make, but with the right research, many people are able to find the best buggy for their family’s needs.

Design & weight
Intended usage is very important when deciding on a buggy for your family. For those who prefer to use carriers, or have children who prefer to walk, a simple pushchair design may be better suited. Something for use during holidays, or day trips taken less frequently, will often require a lightweight buggy. Adults who go on long walks daily may seek out a stronger and more comfortable model. Bear in mind, some of the best lightweight strollers weigh in at around 6kg, compared to around 9kg for the heavier strollers.

Folding & storage
This is perhaps one of the most important features to consider when purchasing a pushchair. It’s much easier to have a pushchair that can be folded quickly and easily, especially if you have other young children or are using public transport.  Many models are created with easy to use buttons to help make the process simple.

Best pushchair reviews

Baby Caspian Stroller

Babyway Caspian StrollerThe Baby Caspian stroller is a durable yet lightweight model. The seat cushions are made with different stylish patterns, and each one is also water resistant. The Caspian stroller is easy to use with a folding mechanism that makes transporting the stroller simple. After folding, the Caspian pushchair is able to be fit into most cars.

One neat feature on the Caspian Stroller is the detachable hood. This cover features a clear vinyl patch that allows the person using the pushchair to keep a closer eye on their child. This model is made with most weathers in mind; the detachable hood is sturdy but this model also comes equipped with a clear rain cover that is simple to use.

An added bonus is the footmuff that is included with the this model, this can be used in addition to warm clothing to keep the child feeling snug. Though this model is simpler and easier to transport it is meant to be used with children six months to about four years old.

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Graco Mirage+ Pushchair

Graco Mirage+ PushchairThe Graco Mirage+ pushchair is a multi-functional tool for parents who live a busy lifestyle. This buggy looks and feels durable but it is also easy to use. With one hand, and a push of a button, the Graco Mirage+ can easily be folded and transported. This type of pushchair can be used in combination with an infant car seat allowing for this to be used from birth to age three.

This model also has a three point recline, with the lowest setting allowing the child to lay fully back. This gives parents the flexibility to run errands while the child naps safely inside the stroller.

Additional features in this model are the removable child snack tray, and rain cover. The extendible cover offers UV protection keeping your baby shielded from too much sun while still letting them see the world around them.

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Zeta Vooom Stroller

Zeta Vooom StrollerThe Zeta Vooom stroller is an affordable option that is lightweight and suitable from birth. This model does not necessarily work with an infant car seat, but it features a four position recline, and a five-point harness making it safe for infants.

This pushchair has many features geared towards making travelling easier for the parent. An easy to use handle and button allow the Zeta Vooom stroller to fold completely requiring only one hand from the adult. There is also an easy to use carry handle for simple transport.

This model has two storage compartments, one on the hood, and one under the stroller, allowing room for snacks, supplies, and shopping bags. Like many models, this one also comes equipped with a rain cover. The seat is made with three layers of fabric to keep the child feeling comfortable.

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